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French Teddy Bears

It was not until 1919 that the first mohair Teddy Bear came from France.  This Teddy Bear was produced by a company called Pintel. Marcel Pintel first began producing stuffed toys (les jouets bourres) for his Father’s firm in Paris in 1913.  The first ‘Pintel’ Teddies, however, were infact rather delicate, firmly stuffed and had…

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Teddy Bear Plush

What can one possibly say about teddy bear plush that hasn’t already been said before? For the past 100 years, teddy bears have been hailed as the most popular toy, loved by both children and adults alike. What began as a humble nursery companion, has grown to be a valuable collector’s item that still dominates…

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Hand knit teddy bears amount to affecting perfect gift inasmuch as so special person

Teddy bears have continually made in consequence of the fact that considering very touching gift plus are suitable being nearly all occasions, be it advantage friend’s birthday or handicap family member’s anniversary. Listed below are some features in order that amount to teddy bear delivery often added special along with unique than flowers advantage me,…

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