A Blue Teddy Bear Makes The Perfect Gift

The color of the teddy bear can have great significance given what the the association of blue and pink mean; a blue teddy bear is most often given to new mothers for their baby boys, while pink teddy bears are given to baby girls.

The color pink which today, we associate with girls – was originally designated for boys to wear as it was believed to be a stronger color when compared to blue. At that time, the color blue was associated with the Virgin Mary and was considered a color just for girls. After World War II, men’s uniforms were mainly blue in color and as a result, the color blue began to be associated as masculine and therefore considered to be a color for boys. From about 1940 onward, pink became the it color for girls. In fact, the marketing slogan think pink was a way to try and convince women to get in touch with being more feminine. By dressing little girls in the color pink, it only further enhanced this thinking.

Today, blue and pink have held true to their boy/girl ‘designations,’ and has never been more evident than with the greatest symbol of childhood the teddy bear.

There is no hard and fast rule that says a blue teddy bear is a requirement for boys. In fact, a girl could have her bedroom designed to replicate life in and around the ocean and as is the case, a blue teddy bear would be a perfect accessory if looking for something outside the ocean motif.
The color blue of course, is not only the ocean, but the sky, the twilight and sleep. It is a cooling color. Pure blue is the color of sincerity, spirituality, and inspiration. Blue is also a calming color. Dark blue is the color of moderation and truth. Combine all of these things into a blue teddy bear and the end result is the perfect soft toy for a child boy or girl.

Long before we ever realized it, children had already figured out that their teddy bears were much more than just some stuffed toy, made to sit somewhere on a bed or a shelf all day. They knew after much time spent with it, that their teddy bear was one of their best friends. That teddy bear became a well regarded member of the family no matter what color it was and it received more time and attention than all other toys combined.

The next time you find yourself needing to purchase a teddy bear whether it be for a newborn, a christening, a baby shower, or to decorate a child’s room with – why not change things up and go for a blue teddy bear over whatever is considered ‘traditional’ at the time.

Angeline Hope is a collector of giant teddy bear toys. You can view a selection of giant teddy bears including blue teddy bear toys at MyBigPlush.

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