Teddy Bear Gift Eyes – The Eyes Have It

Beautiful Brown Eyes! Baby Blue Eyes! One of the first things you notice about someone is their eyes. And the same it true of Teddy Bears. When selecting a Teddy Bear gift for a friend, remember this basic information about some of the popular Teddy eyes.

Shoe-Button Eyes were the first eyes used for Teddy Bears made in the USA. You will find many antique bears today with shoe-button eyes. Many early Bears even into the 1940s had button eyes and can still be found in many homes today.

Glass Eyes were often used after 1910 in many bears using black, brown, green and blue colors. While glass eyes give an old antique look, they should not be used when making a Teddy Bear gift for a child as they can break and might be pulled off by a curious child.

Felt Eyes can be sewn into place or even glued. Their shape and size can easily be changed to fit the character of the Teddy. Often a white felt is used for background of a leather covered eye or colored felt to give the appearance of a human eye.

Embroidered Eyes are also very effective if the Teddy Bear gift is to be used by a young child. They can also be very expressive.

Safety Lock Plastic Eyes are much safer for use with a Teddy Bear gift that is intended for a child. They must be installed before the bear is stuffed and when attached properly are nearly impossible to remove. Safety lock eyes are found on many teddy bears made in the USA today. Look for these when you are selecting a gift for a young child.

Placement of the eyes is also important as larger eyes placed close together give a young look, while small eyes set father apart tend to make your Teddy gift look older and wiser. So next time you pick up your Teddy Bear, be certain you look at its eyes!

Beverly Kerr, owner of Teddy Bear Bubbles of Joy where our goal is to spread happiness one bear at a time. Make your next present a teddy bear gift. I recommend Teddy Bear Bubbles of Joy.

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