Top Ten Reasons to Give a Teddy Bear Gift

Why should you give a Teddy Bear on your next special occasion? There are many reasons that come to mind, but let’s check out the top ten!

10.Joy of Sharing
Just watch the face of a youngster when they are handed a Teddy Bear Gift. Their eyes get wide and their arms get wide as they are sure to give it a big hug and often a kiss.

9. Security when Alone
Many children depend on the comfort of their Teddy for a feeling of security during the darkness of the night. If their Bear if lost, they may definitely have a sleepless night.

8. Playmate Anytime
Teddy Bears have many uses. Have you ever seen a child take their Teddy for a ride in their wagon or in the basket of their bicycle? Or have you seen them put their Bear at the table for an afternoon tea party? Teddy Bears are always ready to play.

7. Feeling of Love
Today many children are alone for much of the time and need to have something that is always there for the feeling of stability in their life. Teddy Bears can help serve that purpose. They may often take them along to day care or school to give them that special connection to home.

6. Special Occasion
Anytime there is a birthday, wedding, or holiday, friends enjoy a Teddy Bear Gift dressed to fit the occasion. From cute cowboy to bride and groom, or angel, you can choose outfits and accessories that will suit almost any friend. Show someone you care and create a Teddy that will suit them perfectly

5. Collection Addition
Many children and adults have extensive Teddy Bear collections. Some prefer to collect just a certain brand, but many like a variety of cute and cuddly bears that express their own personality.

4. Hugs
Giving hugs makes a person of any age feel all warm inside. A big Teddy Bear Gift seems to hug you back. Everyone needs a hug now and then!

3. Memory of a Special Day
Picture your Teddy ready for his first day of school – just like someone special in your life- or graduation. Maybe they enjoy baseball or ballet, then dress the Teddy so it will be a special memory for them. Especially when they grow up, those Teddy Bears will continue to bring memories of the past into their present and bring a smile to their face.

2. Comfort
When you are all alone in the midst of a storm, a Teddy Bear will be there to hug and talk to about your worries. They are very good listeners! When you are having a rough day, many children will take their Teddy to their secret hide out and tell them all their cares. A special Teddy Bear is a great comfort.

1. Best Friend
A Teddy Bear Gift can turn out to be someone’s Best Friend. Children often talk to their Teddy as they drift off to sleep and it is the first one they turn to when they wake up in the morning. Bring them along for a ride in the car or have a picnic. They are always agreeable, never make messes, and listen patiently. What a great friend!

A Teddy Bear Gift is always special. Add Teddy to a basket filled with fun and you have a gift that is sure to be appreciated and loved for a long time. Visit teddy bear gift and find the perfect Teddy Bear or Teddy Bear Gift Basket that is just right for your child or your friend.

Beverly Kerr, owner of Teddy Bear Bubbles of Joy. where our goal is to spread happiness one bear at a time. Make your next present a teddy bear gift. I recommend Teddy Bear Bubbles of Joy.

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