History Of Merrell Shoes And Its Common Types

In 1981, three executives Randy Merrell, Clark Matis and John Schweitzer founded Merrell Company in Waitsfield, Vermont. Initially the company started manufacturing high quality hiking boots, but later it turned to be all-rounder and manufactured all footwear products. In 1983, two years after its establishment, Merrell shoes were introduced in the market for the first time and it got extremely well response. However, within 5 years, the Randy J. Merrell sold his share of ownership because he wanted to return to his life as it was before forming the company. This decision was not taken because of any financial problems; in fact, the company sold 25,000 boots in 1986.

In 1987, Merrell was purchased by Karhu, which is a Finland based company dealing in sports equipment. The first thing they did was to transfer the manufacturing systems in Asia in order to reduce their direct and indirect cost. In the management of Karhu, Merrell shoes expanded at full capacity with increased sales, revenue as well as profitability. However, in 1997, Karhu sold Merrell to Wolverine World Wide that is a big name in footwear industry. A great advantage of Merrell acquisition by Wolverine World Wide is the increased sales, which only became possible after Merrell shoes were started selling in more than 155 countries. This greatly helped Merrell shoes making a distinct name in all those countries where nobody even knew the name of Merrell.

There are 3 types of shoes manufactured by Merrell Company. Firstly, in the line of men’s collection, they include Barefoot Trail Glove, Barefoot Sonic Glove, Solo Origins, Refuge Pro Ventilator, Refuge Core Mid Ventilator Waterproof, Shiver Moc, Wilderness Canyon, and NTR Seismic. The company offers a basic warranty period of 30 days, which could be voided if the shoe is damaged due to carelessness or poor maintenance. When it comes to women collection, there are various designs with varied selection of colors and outlook. According to one estimate, the number falls in thousands of total number of shoe types available at Merrell shoes. Besides this, there are various shoe designs for kids that primarily include toddler shoes, adolescence shoes and for newborns. There are various discount offers on all these shoes, which enable people to buy them at a reduced price. However, if you go with 6pm website, which is even a better way of purchasing footwear items, then it will be a great deal.

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