Story about 12-year-old Bradley

 Bradley was born in golf family. His father is a golf coach, and his aunt Pat Bradley is the renowned American golf legend. She is six Grand Slam winner, Hall of Fame members.
  25-year-old Bradley first appearance in a Grand Slam, became a championship contender. End of the stage, mainly in the championship battle with Du Funa his body. 15 holes, three bogeys Bradley, Grand Slam is gone, does not seem to belong to the “rookie.”
  But the subsequent appearance of Du Funa send gift, he bogeyed three consecutive holes. Bradley caught two birds, after the match into a playoff. Three-hole playoff, Bradley beat Du Funa a successful summit.
  He became the first since 2003, the first Grand Slam to win the player. He is also the history of the seven wonders of the players played. “I really can not believe all this, I would like to thank the PGA Championship. My father was a PGA Championship employees, he has been proud of their identity, I know that this championship is very special for him.” Bradley said. 

WASHINGTON 34-year-old Du Funa has not won a major. The first 15 holes yesterday, Bradley three bogeys, he has been The classice ping g15 driver is very popular ahead of the competition five, has become a champion seemingly foregone conclusion. But the trophy never flew off his arms.
  He took two shots into the 15th hole. Bradley first three bogeys, so that Du Funa advantage into five. Whether it is the fans, or the narrator, are that the champion is none other than non-Du Funa. But he is also the 15th hole bogey, followed by two consecutive holes bogey. Playoff, he failed out of the doldrums.
  Du Funa do not think tension has led to the collapse of his last moments, “To be honest, every player in the last four holes are very struggle today, I got into this struggling and I do not know has been the leading five, and not at all feel nervous, I have confidence in the game, but I hit the ball and did not perform well 。”
  champion missed, Du Funa not sighed with regret, “If you put ten or fifteen years ago, missed such a champion, I will be bitter, but now I will not, I feel there are still many opportunities to win the Grand Slam 。”
  his opponent cloth Bradley won, the ranking will rise 89 smooth years among the PGA.

Atlanta club competition is not boy genius mike Roy lucky he try so hard to fly to the Cincinnati, go to see WoZiNiYaJi. Denmark is a beautiful girl is in there for Cincinnati masters, is Michael Roy’s rumoured gf.
The PGA championship, at the age of 22, the United States open champion mike Roy state go in, his record in the fourth over par, tied for final 11 stem 64th.
The competition, stranded in hisThe new Mizuno MP-59 Irons was revealed by mizuno right wrist injury, failed to continue the first two grand slam heroics. “Almost 70 holes, I was in the state less than 100% of cases of complete, it was really hard.” But, mike Roy also revealed that the wrist injury is improving, “rest for a period of time should be fine.”

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